Workers’ compensation insurance



Organizations and individuals employing employees under employment contracts.

Scope of Coverage

This policy shall cover the Insured Person’s death or disability resulting from any work accident or occupational disease during the Insured Person’ employment.

Insurance Benefits

  • In the event of death or total permanent disability, PTI shall pay 30 months of salary or a larger amount, depending on the Insured Person’s option;

  • In the event of partial permanent disability, payment shall be based on the Benefit Table and the Sum Insured (100% of the Sum Insured in case of death).

  • Medical expenses: PTI shall pay any medical expenses actually and reasonably incurred up to Sum Insured as selected by the Insured Person;

  • Loss or reduction of income (salary) or daily allowance during treatment: PTI shall pay a daily allowance during the Insured Person’s hospitalization as instructed by the attending physician. Limit: 6 months of salary or as selected by the Insured person.

Sum Insured

30 months of salary or a fixed amount as requested by the Insured Person.