Establishing PTI as a standardized and reliable Financial Insurance Institution, providing safety protection, prosperity and sustainable development for employees, customers, partners and community.


Protecting the community’s health and Serving for the goal of Prosperity. Providing access to comprehensive insurance solutions for all customers through an ecosystem of reliable and extremely simple insurance services.



Cooperation is an inevitable trend of the modern economy and the shortest way to bring us to a new height and consolidate our position in the market.


Sharing is a practical way for us to demonstrate our corporate social responsibility. On the other hand, sharing creates a close, sympathetic, caring and compassionate relationship among our members, contributing to our sustainable development.


We create to make things more different, attractive, practical and human. This enables us to dominate the market and secure more market share to offer our customers, partners, employees and shareholders with better values.

Respect the differences

Respecting, supporting and seriously taking care of the new things, differences are the most favourable environment for non-stop developing spirit, contributing to the fast-growing and sustainable development of PTI in the future..



We identify three key factors that shape our brand personality, namely:

  • Friendliness, closeness and liking, which are completely emotional and dictated by the heart, not the head.

  • Being driven by public opinion or crowd psychology

  • Being based on technical analysis (reasoning)

Honesty - Trustfulness – Sharingare the three most important qualities of a true friend: Treating you honestly and quietly for no personal benefit; Being faithful and courageous; Considering your difficulties as though they were his or her own, being willing to share your happy and sad moments and standing by your side when you become successful or get into trouble. Such a friend will have a long-term relationship with you - When we can do this, our brand will be deep seated in customers’ mind.