Recruitment and training is a primary and constant task of PTI in personnel work aimed at obtaining sufficient human resources with extensive knowledge, skills, good health and qualities to meet the development requirements of the Corporation. 

Principles of recruitment:

  • Recruitment is based on demands and tasks, ensuring publicity, equity and transparency;

  •  Recruiting right people to right jobs;

  •  Criteria for selecting leaders: Mind - Talent - Insight - Wisdom - Heart;

  •  Criteria for selecting staff: Competence - Honesty - Intelligence - Self-confidence - Enthusiasm;

  •  Prioritized factors: Qualification, experience, professional ethics, loyalty;

  •  Encouraging staff working at PTI to apply for positions with respect to which PTI has recruitment needs;


PTI always creates favorable conditions for employees to have training and skills development opportunities with a view to build a team which has professional working style, good qualifications, professional ethics and an enthusiasm for customer service.

Principles of training:

  •  Training is derived by demands, tasks, ensuring that training is provided for right people and right jobs and ensuring inheritability;

  •  The efficiency and relevance between costs and outcomes must be taken into account, ensuring that after being trained, staff must better meet job requirements;

  •  Employees are encouraged to improve their qualifications by themselves;

  •  After training, staff will have the opportunity for promotion;