Employees working at PTI are paid salaries and entitled to an increase of salary levels in accordance with the law, ensuring publicity, equity and transparency, reflecting the development policy of the Corporation in each stage, leveraging material benefits, improving labor productivity and performance, promoting the creativeness of officials and employees of the Corporation, enabling the constant improvement of officials’ and staff’s lives.

Salaries are paid according to the Corporation's salary allocation regulations, depending on the performance of each unit and individual.


A reward policy is applied to motivate and encourage officials and employees across PTI’s system to exert their best efforts and devote themselves in all positions in order to boost PTI’s development. Individuals and units who make excellent achievements will be honored, commended and rewarded in a proper and timely manner. There is a combination of mental and material forms of commendation and reward (i.e. certificates of merit, cash bonus, sightseeing and travelling inside or outside the country ...), including:

  • Quarterly rewards for teams with high business performance.

  • Extraordinary incentives for teams and individuals who have excellent achievements in business activities, management activities, risk control and claims control.

  • Thematic emulation rewards stipulated and launched by PTI.

  • Rewards on public holidays, Tet holidays, national anniversaries and the anniversary of PTI’s establishment.


  • Insurance: All officials and employees who have officially signed a labor contract with PTI are entitled to receive social insurance, health insurance in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code, comprehensive personal insurance and PTI Care according to PTI’s regulations.

  • PTI’s Staff Care: There are three plans: General (for all employees), Grade A (for Board of Management members, Chief Accountant, Directorate of subsidiaries, departments at the Corporation's Office) and VIP (for staff who have good underwriting ability or outstanding, excellent achievements or staff who are elected as "Employees of the Year").

  • Leave and entertainment:

    • Officials and employees who work at PTI are entitled to 12 days of leave per year and 01 more day of leave for every 5 years of seniority at PTI.

    • Annually, in order to enable officials and employees to rest and relax, PTI organizes vacation trips for all officials and employees of PTI and special tours for several officials and employees who are leaders of the Office of the Corporation and its subsidiaries who have outstanding achievements in management work, employees of the year, staff with great achievements in underwriting.

  • PTI always give great attention and gifts, material and mental, to employees and their relatives on holidays and anniversaries such as International Women's Day, International Children's Day, anniversary of PTI’s establishment, Mid-Autumn Festival and weddings, funerals and other ceremonies of employees.