Property - Engineering Insurance

PTI PROPERTY – ENGINEERING INSURANCE products protect your business against any potential property damage or loss of income caused by fire and other special perils to put your mind at rest while pursuing your business development strategies.



Movables and immovables other than cash (banknotes and coins), checks, letters of guarantee, bills, stamps, documents, manuscripts, books and papers of all types, gold, silver, precious metals, precious stones, jewelry, heirlooms, antiques, worshipping objects, drawings or design documents, explosives, live animals, pets, unless such assets are accepted by PTI in writing.

Scope of Coverage

  • Fire,

  • Explosion,

  • Direct lightning strike,

  • Disturbance, strike or lockout,

  • Damage resulting directly from a malicious act,

  • Earthquake or volcanic eruption including flood or overflow of the sea occasioned thereby,

  • Storm and tempest,

  • Flood,

  • Escape of water from any tank, apparatus or pipe,

  • Impact by any road vehicle or animal,

  • Impact by any aircraft or aerial vehicle.