Miscellaneous class



Assets owned by any individual or entity

Scope of coverage

Any asset in the house or part of the house which is lost or damaged by theft following entry or exit or assault or use of violent or other forcible means against the Insured or the asset manager.

The house (or any structure) if it is damaged as a result of theft


Cash, checks, notes, valuable papers, checks, money orders, current types of stamps, credit cards, invoices, revenue stamps, government bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, tax-exempt stamps and coupons or compensation documents or cash convertible instruments, all of which are owned by the insured or the liability for which is assumed by the Insured.

Scope of Coverage

PTI shall pay the Insured in respect of any loss of money at the premises (money kept in in a locked safe or drawer or cabinet) and/or money in transit within the territory of Vietnam (in the care or custody of the Insured’s employees), wages or any other income at the premises held for subsequent payments.


Individuals or groups of individuals traveling, sightseeing, going on holiday, visiting friends, attending conferences, seminars or festivals, taking part in sports competitions or performances, or participating in special activities at home and abroad.

Scope of Coverage

PTI shall pay the Insured for its liability to award any prize covered by the policy and/or the insurance certificate.


PTI shall not pay out any agreed prize if it results directly or indirectly from:

  • Any dishonest, fraudulent, treacherous or malicious act by the Insured or any of its director, principal, employee, agent or representative.

  • Any violation of any rules and regulations of the tournament or any conditions or warranties of the insurance contract by any tournament participant who has made a claim under the policy