Liability insurance

1.Third Party Liability Insurance 2.Public/Product Liability Insurance 3.Professional Liability Insurance 4. Professional indemnity insurance for architects, consultants and supervisors



Any liability or obligation to pay for any damagesustained by any other entity and/or individual as a result of the Insured’s errors or omissions.

Scope Coverage

PTI shall pay part or all of the amount payable by the Insured for any non-contractual liability (third party damage) as a result of any error or omission during the performance of any work and/or business activity by the Insured:

  • Any sudden injury or illness sustained by any third party

  • Any unexpected property damage

  • Any property damage affecting business results or earnings.

  • Legal expenses.

  • Expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred to avert or mitigate losses.

  • Certain other risks.