PTI repositions the brand, launches a new brand identity

From March 1, 2023, Post and Telecommunications Insurance Corporation (PTI) and its member companies officially use a new brand identity including a logo and slogan, featuring a Standard and reliable financial insurance company.

The new logo has three main elements: a circular bow, an orange dot, and a stylized PTI in blue with a lowercase font instead of a capital letter like before, showing humility but still confident, reliable, and transparent.

The stylized arc symbol above the logo is associated with the image of the roof and the protective arms of the mother - the positioning of the true guardian. Curves that bring comfort and evoke emotions from the user's visual impression will help the logo become more friendly and positive.

The letter P with an orange circle in the center shows that all activities of PTI are from Mind to Reach consistently and throughout. The orange circle also shows the image of the true guard's observing eyes which is always present on every risky journey of the customer, ensuring that the customer always has peace of mind when participating in insurance with PTI.

The white space around the orange circle in the letter P simulates an infinite circle without a distinction between the client and PTI.

PTI's logo contains the green color of the sprout of life that is rising and the orange color of peace of mind and prosperity expresses the desire of the business that in any situation, life is always peaceful and prosperous because you have PTI to protect.

Besides, PTI also changed the slogan "True friend" to "Insurance solution for every home" with the expectation that it will help the company directly approach the individual customer market, becoming an insurance solution for every home, regardless of the object.

During nearly 25 years of operation in the market, PTI has always brought the image of a reputable insurance company in the market and a true friend providing insurance products with outstanding quality and customer care great item. However, in the new period, PTI wishes to show the change in its mind, action, and future direction through re-branding. Along with the launch new set of brands, PTI's staff is committed to building PTI into a standard and reliable insurance and financial institution, bringing safety and security protection values to market prosperity and sustainable development for professionals, customers, partners, and the community.