PTI ranked first in the Top 10 best places to work in the insurance industry in 2022

On December 21, 2022, within the Research Program on Top Ten Best Workplaces in 2022 organized by Investment Newspaper, Post and Telecommunications Insurance Corporation (PTI) was honored as the highest-ranked enterprise in terms of the working environment in the non-life insurance industry.

This is for businesses with the best achievements in creating jobs, providing attractive benefits, and building a sustainable working environment with business efficiency and high growth prospects.

These assessments are gathered based on a set of criteria including a Group of standards about Human Resources and Employer Reputation (based on staff size, workforce structure, and brand reputation), a Criteria group about business performance and growth prospects (based on revenue, growth rate, and market share) and Group of criteria related to Income and welfare regime (based on income employee average, human resource policy, employee satisfaction, working environment, and corporate culture).

Previously, in 2021, PTI was also a bright spot in the list of businesses that have overcome the challenge called Covid-19 thanks to the flexibility in technology and human resource policy. True to the motto no one is left behind, in the context that many businesses in the market are forced to cut wages and bonuses of employees to reduce costs, PTI is one of the businesses that go against the trend. Not only maintaining the same salary and bonus and increasing employee benefits, but PTI also offers financial support policies for business staff directly affected by the pandemic, contributing to improving solidarity and relationship between employees and the organization.

The representative of PTI said that being voted as the company with the best place to work in the non-life insurance industry in 2022 is of great significance when the business aims to celebrate its 25th anniversary in the market. This is also the motivation for PTI to continue deploying more suitable solutions to create a desirable working environment and promote the working spirit and dedication.

PTI has nearly 3,000 employees in 60 member units covering 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Ranked third in the non-life insurance market, PTI is also the leader in motor vehicle insurance and second in personal insurance. In the future, PTI will continue to expand its network of operations, bringing the best products and services.