PTI offers free PAN Rescue services

Post and Telecommunication Joint Stock Insurance Corporation has expanded the scope of free car towing services to 100 kilometers from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang. This is the widest roadside assistance scope across the country.

PTI’s car rescue center provides a 24-hour service free of charge to all passenger cars of less than 24 seats and vehicles with a tonnage of less than three tons. When a technical failure occurs, the customer should directly contact PTI’s call center at 1900 54 54 75. After gathering all necessary information about the condition of the vehicle, the center will advise the driver on measures to remedy the situation himself or use assistance services such as towing the car to a garage requested by the customer.

This service will be offered in the North, the Central Region and the South via well-known roadside rescue centers such as Northern Roadside Assistance Center, Khang Minh Rescue Center, Saigon Rescue Center (HCMC) and Khanh Hong Rescue Center (Danang). It is expected PTI will continue applying this roadside rescue scope at other on-the-road assistance centers nationwide.

The expansion of the PAN rescue radius by 30 kilometers illustrates PTI’s commitment to provide its customers with the best services in the market.

PTI is leading the market in terms of investment in modernizing technology in customer care such as building a claims settlement website, equipping surveyors with smart phones and its undertaking to get to the scene within 30 minutes after the customer’s notice of loss is received.