Locals may go to France for cancer treatment

With its cancer insurance plan, PTI, in collaboration with France-based MGEN, provides locals an opportunity to get access to the most modern and advanced medical methods in the world and have their treatment fully paid by PTI.

In the afternoon of March 26 (local time in France), Post and Telecommunication Joint Stock Insurance Corporation signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with France-based MGEN to develop a high-limit cancer insurance product. Accordingly, the insured may be paid up to VND15 billion to cover travel, medical care and cancer treatment expenses and enjoy many other benefits during his or her treatment in Europe. 

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Bui Xuan Thu, PTI’s CEO, said that nowadays, critical diseases and their consequences are a common concern globally and heavily affect social stability and security. In particular, cancer remains the leading cause of death in the world as well as in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, most countries do not have a standardized medical system for treatment of life-threatening diseases. Only some countries, including France, have developed a National Health Care System to provide effective treatment of these serious diseases.

However, given the context that living in a developing country, the majority of Vietnamese people with a low average income have limited access to medical treatment. As a result, insurance products are essential to get financially secure as they are a sound solution to cover high treatment costs in case of any critical illness.

“We are delighted to partner with MGEN and AA in creating an effective Critical Illness Insurance product. “Empowered by France’s state-of-the-art healthcare system, we will provide the best financial solution and treatment for millions of Vietnamese people”, said Bui Xuan Thu, who was speaking at the signing ceremony.

Cùng với hệ thống dịch vụ y tế tân tiến của Pháp, PTI sẽ cung cấp giải pháp về tài chính và phương pháp điều trị tốt nhất cho hàng triệu người dân Việt Nam.
Empowered by France’s state-of-the-art healthcare system, we will provide the best financial solution and treatment for millions of Vietnamese people.

The CEO also insists that PTI will provide all necessary resources to coordinate with MGEN and AA to build and develop this insurance product successfully.

“The cooperation between us will mean a lot to the society and I do look forward to working with you on other projects and tasks in the future. The signing ceremony is even more significant as 2018 is the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties and the 5th year of strategic partnership between Vietnam and France and PTI’s 20th anniversary. I hope that this Cancer Insurance product will be introduced to the market on the occasion of PTI’s 20th anniversary”, added the CEO.

“MGEN is very pleased to join hands with PTI in developing a cancer insurance product that has brought about the opportunity to get access to the best medical services at international hospitals to millions of people around the world”, said an executive officer from MGEN.  “I hope that with PTI’s reputation and experience in providing insurance products in Vietnam, we will offer local people the opportunity to have access to the world’s most advanced and modern medical methods. We undertake to work closely with PTI to implement the signed commitments made to customers of insurance products”, he added. 

Some pictures taken at the signing ceremony:

Đoàn công tác của PTI tại trụ sở chính MGEN
PTI’s delegation at MGEN’s headquarters
Mr. Bui Xuan Thu, CEO of PTI and executive officers from France-based MGEN 
Hình ảnh lễ ký kết
Before thesigning ceremony, PTI’s CEO visited the France-based hospitals that will treat cancer patients who have taken out this insurance product.