Do I really need to buy travel insurance when traveling abroad?

1. Be “a savior” when things go wrong in a trip

Many Vietnamese people still do not understand how travel insurance works for their trips. No matter how well planned you are, it is difficult to anticipate unexpected hazards such as acts of God, terrorism or epidemics or even subjective reasons like a sudden flu just before departure. So what should you do now? At this point, travel insurance appears as a “savior” that packs away your worries if you want to cancel your flight and hotel booking before the “G” hour.

You are required to have an effective travel insurance policy before applying for a visa or entry into certain countries in the European Union, the United States, Australia and Japan.

2. Be a “companion” in every journey

Let imagine you, without a travel insurance policy, have to wait for hours when your flight is delayed or canceled. The situation even gets worse when you need to take a connecting flight to reach the destination. At this point, your travel insurance policy - your “companion” will reimburse you any prepaid trip costs or arrange for another flight for you. Where there is no such flight during that day, any accommodation expenses incurred while you wait for your next flight will be paid in full or in part (depending on your insurance plan).

In addition, there may be some unexpected situations such as road accidents or health problems. It’s all right, let think of your “companion” again. Do not worry about medical expenses, especially in countries where medical costs are high, like the United States. It should be noted that how much you will be paid depends on your insurance plan. So, if you have any pre-existing condition, you should consider choosing the right option for you.

3. Being a “helpful assistant” in force majeure situations

Like others, you want your holiday to go without a hitch as you have to spend your savings and ask your boss for a leave before your trip. However, there may be some unfortunate events such as lost baggage, theft of your personal items or injuries when participating in extreme sports. You feel puzzled and do not know how to get over this? But if you already have a travel insurance policy, just contact the insurer for advice and assistance.

So why are you still hesitant? Let find a suitable travel insurance package for your trip. If you don’t know where to start, just contact Post and Telecommunication Joint Stock Insurance Corporation - the leading insurer in the international travel insurance market.